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ORTHO-eMAN e-learning platform testing
by Dorin Popescu - Saturday, 16 March 2013, 10:42 PM

Dear trainees

You can find on ORTHO-eMAN e-learning platform the trainee guide and a document that presents the objectives of pilot testing. Two main tasks have to be done by trainee during the pilot testing:

1) Testing of e-learning platform (functionality, facilities)

2) Evaluation of content, presentation of course

Course assessment should be regarded as a summary of participants’ feedbacks. It is an important tool to understand whether or not the learning pathway matched participants’ expectations and needs. Thanks to your feedback it will be possible to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the project’s outcomes. Close attention will be paid to your remarks and suggestions.

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Please visit the User Guide course and make sure you review all the materials there. There is a FAQ and a user forum which you can use in order to ask support questions.