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Q1. How can I register as trainee?

A1. First, you have to register using the Registration menu from the main page of the website. After registration, you will receive information about the on-line course.


Q2. How can I receive information about the project and on-line training?

A2. You can receive information about the project and our on-line training if you subscribe to our newsletters using the Newsletter menu.


Q3. How can I receive the newsletter of the project?

A3. You can receive the newsletter of the project if you subscribe using the Newsletter menu.


Q4. How can I contact the consortium of the project?

A4. You can send messages to the consortium of the project using the Contact menu.


Q5. How long is the on-line training?

A5. The on-line course includes 4 modules and has a duration of 10 weeks.


Q6. Which is the content of the course?

A6. You can see the curricula of the course in the Results menu.

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